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Available Online

Four 60 Minute Coaching Sessions

This package of 4 sessions gives you a 15% discount off the single session rate

  • 1 hour
  • Online Zoom meeting

Service Description

These 60 minute sessions will allow us to learn more about who you are, your unique relationship dynamics, any challenges you're facing, what your ideal relationship looks like and how to help you get there. Working as a team we will support you in recognizing and breaking free from old patterns that are no longer serving you, and learning to grow together so you can experience more love, joy, connection and fulfillment in your relationship and in your life. During our time together we will guide you in: Defining Your Goals and Vision ~ Clarify what each individual desires in their relationship ~ Co-creating a shared relationship vision Identifying Obstacles and Conflicts ~ Recognize what’s holding you back from achieving your relationship goals ~ How to effectively navigate conflict together ~ Break habitual repetitive cycles or “Demon Dialogues” Personal and Shared Responsibility ~ How your words and actions contribute positively or negatively ~ Moving from blame to full accountability Establishing Safety and Secure Attachment ~ Creating a sense of emotional safety and secure attachment ~ Healing wounds and raw spots from the past or present ~ Remembering to see your partner as your teammate and ally Communication and Repair ~ Communicate your needs, wants and desires clearly ~ Feel truly heard, seen and valued ~ Learn to listen from your heart to empathize and understand ~ Effectively navigate conflict together ~ How to initiate repair conversations with a solid commitment to change ~ “Change the music, change the dance” Love Account and Love Languages ~ Identify and understand each other’s "Love Languages" ~ Filling your "Love Account" as a buffer against challenging times ~ Rituals of connection Physical Touch, Affection and Sex ~ Defining your sensual style and preference ~ Establishing and respecting boundaries ~ Re-sparking your romance and desire ~ Playfully explore your erotic breaks and accelerators together Change takes time. It requires consistent, continuous effort with both parties making a commitment to personal growth. Therefore we recommend several sessions to help you achieve your relationship goals. If you need to book your appointment outside of the available hours shown on our calendar, have any questions about our coaching methods or how we might be able to help you achieve your relationship goals, please reach out to us at:

Cancellation Policy

Scheduling of online sessions is handled through the Wix Bookings app on our website ( which is hosted by the Wix platform. Appointment booking is based on Pacific Standard Time. Payments are processed through Wix using either Stripe, Adyen N.V., Google Pay or Apple Pay and are subject to processing fees as outlined by Wix and its 3rd party payment processors named above. Payments/purchase of single sessions and/or multi-session package plans are non-refundable. This includes full or partial refunds of: any unused/incomplete single sessions; multi-session package plans; any uncompleted packages; and/or no-show sessions. In the event that you, the client, need to cancel any scheduled session, 24 hour notice is required otherwise you forfeit that session including its payment value. Cancellation notice must be received in writing via email to: Any cancelled session must be rescheduled within 30 days of cancellation. After 30 days, payment for the cancelled session will be forfeited and you lose the ability to reschedule that session. This time slot was not available to be filled by another client, and preparations and scheduling considerations were made based on your scheduled session. We understand that unexpected situations can arise. We will do our best to respectfully accommodate your emergency and reschedule your session at a mutually convenient time. By purchasing a single session or a package plan you indicate that you have read and agree to these terms. Thank you very much for honoring this.

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