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We all want and deserve a relationship in which we feel fully supported, valued and loved. Yet often our relationship gets off track and we seem to be at odds with each other, feeling like we're not seen, heard or understood. How do we get back to harmony when challenges or conflicts arise? We are here to help support, encourage and guide you with tools that will get your relationship back on course and thriving in ways that you might not ever have imagined.

As a coaching team our balance of feminine and masculine perspectives gives us a unique approach when working together with you. During your sessions you will learn how to:

  • communicate clearly and compassionately

  • ask for what you truly want and need

  • be accountable for how you show up

  • create mutual empathy, appreciation and closeness

  • remain teammates and allies during struggles

  • experience breakthroughs to transform yourself and your relationship

Whether you're currently in a committed relationship, have been married for many years, on the verge of separation and wanting to reconcile, casually dating and want to set yourself up for the best possible success in a relationship or happily single and want to work on your own empowerment, our coaching methods can improve many areas of your life.

Growth and healing is absolutely possible and we're here to help do exactly that. Contact us today for more information or to set up a consultation. We work with couples and individuals of any gender identity and sexual orientation.

Intimacy Coaches Peppermint and Dusty

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